🥳 Nice that you have decided to participate as a virtual air traffic controller. IVAO – as a technical network, but also as a community for flight enthusiasts – tries to replicate the real processes and procedures as well as possible under the motto “as real as it gets”. It’s lots of fun yet still also requires you to continue your education independently in order to prepare for the pilot exams. But you don’t need to be afraid, nobody is perfect and nobody was born or joined IVAO as a professional – apart from the real pilots or controllers who also exist on our network. Nevertheless, there are some theoretical basics that you should have internalized as a controller on the network before logging in for the first time. Of course, you also need an IVAO account. If you have not yet created one yet you will find the link to the registration page here.

So, you have an IVAO account and are you ready for the next steps? Then let’s take a look at which theoretical basics you should know before logging in for the first time!

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