Please visit the official IVAO Exam Briefings page and read carefully through your corresponding exam briefing document.

The theoretical part is always performed before the practical, and if your knowledge is not enough, you will have to repeat it before you can advance to the practical part. This goes inline with the HQ Training Department, to ensure that you possess the required skills to pass the practical part of the Exam.

For Pilots, you as an examinee need to inform the intended aircraft to perform the exam when the Examiner contacts you to schedule the exam. In order for you to prepare your flight, do all the required calculations and routing, your departure and destination airports will be given between 48h to 24h hours before the planned date.


  • A practical exam is designed to evaluate the student’s ability to work a position without any assistance.
  • To request a practical exam the student must obtain at least one “recommendation” by his/her assigned instructor.
  • A practical exam will be proctored by a division training advisor who will then be the designated examiner.
  • A score and summary of the exam will then be submitted by the examiner to a Senior Training Advisor for final evaluation.
  • If passed, the new rating will be assigned.
  • If failed, the student may request a new practical exam.

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