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Welcome to the IVAO XA Mediawiki - The knowledge database of IVAO North America Region


Welcome to the knowledge database of IVAO North America Region
Here you can find all relevant knowledge, according to FAA and NavCanada specific operations and procedures, relevant for several Ratings, require a practical Examination.

Additionally, you can find basic knowledge in the IVAO AERO Mediawiki here. This theory covers all additional stuff you can be asked. Pay attention, that this content is for ICAO operations. Please differentiate between general functions/items and specific FAA / NavCanada knowledge in this database!

The whole content is structured for each Rating. "General" leads you to different websites like the forum or our official drive. All necessary content for the respective exams can be found below.

See "Pilot for each division Pilot examination. | See "ATC" for each division Pilot examination.

All high-level exams like "Senior Controller (SEC) or "Airline Transport Pilot" (ATP) are done by IVAO Training Department HQ and are therefore no division affair. Please check the HQ Mediawiki for preparation

This content is copyright by IVAO North America Region! If you think something is missing, do not hesitate to write an email to IVAO XA Training Department with your wishes or optimations. If you have any questions regarding examinations or training, check out the Exam/Training Policy or contact any T-Staff Member.

You can request a Training or an Exam here


General Pilot ATC