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26 June / 21 - 23z

APC Exam at Miami

Get your hands on. Join our community of flight sim enthusiast.

IVAO North America provides all neccessary training, documentation, resources and support to help users enjoy their flight sim hobby. With access to real world documents from the FAA and NavCanada the online experience as controller or pilot-in-command becomes even more realistic and thus much more fun.

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Rise to your own goals. Free training for all.

We offer free training and examination for student pilots and air traffic controllers. As a pilot you are able to follow real life training procedures and make you way from private pilot all the way to commercial pilot. ATC students are offered training for every type of skill level - may it be for brand new students or experienced controllers who wish to further expand their knowledge.

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Discover North America. Explore more than 20.000 airports.

Unmatched with any other division or country, the North America region has a plethora of airports ranging from small grass strips all the way to the largest airports in the world! We continuesly offer monthly events, pilot tours, contests, challenges and group flights. All users are encouraged to participate and will be rewarded with points and awards as a thank you.

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GitHub Sectorfile Repository

We are now maintaining all of our sectorfiles on GitHub. Anyone that wishes to contribute is welcome to do so! Repo link: https://github.com/ivao-xa/sectorfiles

New One World IFR Tour is open

The long anticipated new version of the IFR world tour is now released and open for all users to join. Simply head over to the tour website to get started. All flights are tracked and a global leaderboard will display most active users. Enjoy!

Aircraft Liveries

For those interested in taking screenshots we now offer XA aircraft liveries! Download MSFS2020 Airbus or X-Plane Zibo 737 and share your best shots on discord. Credit goes to Luiz Magrei and Lucas Tavares for creating them!

Cuba Division

We would like to congratulate the newly formed Cuba division! Please visit (https://cu.ivao.aero) for more information.

Website update

We are happy to announce our new website with an overhauled menu structure as well as a simplified and more organized design. Special thanks goes out to our web developer Cedric who dedicated several months of his spare time in order to make this big change happen. Future updates are planned so stay tuned for further announcements.

New Wiki database

Our new Wiki training database (https://xa.ivao.aero/wiki) is up and running thanks to Marius Maurer. Lots of effort and care was put into creating content based on real life documentation and is aimed for users in the XA division. Let us know what you think, feedback is always welcomed!.