Division Transfer

Are you interested in joining the North America Region Division and begin controlling in the United States/Canada/Bahamas? Then you have two options. You can either change the division or you apply for a Guest Controller Approval (GCA):

Guest Controller Approval

If you're interested in controlling in North America but you are in another divison (not XA) then a GCA is the perfect oportunity.

As a GCA holder (per IVAO Rules and Regulations 5.1.7) you can control in several divisons.

There are some requirements to get a GCA, the most important point is that you must hold the ADC rating. You can find more information here:

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Division Transfer

Please follow this link to access our transfer request system.


  1. You can only switch once every 12 months
  2. No permission needed if account is less than 1 month old
  3. There will be a 90 day Staff Ban and a 90 day Exam Ban