IVAO North America Region | Division of US, Canada and Bahamas


Doesn't matter if you want to fly or control. You must have a look on charts before you start! There are several websites that offers current charts, also for free, so here is a list of websites to get charts for Canada / US / Bahamas:

Website (+URL) Description Countries Cost Manual
fltplan.com - Approach Charts
- Airport Charts
- IFR Enroute Charts
- Canada
Free (registration necessary)
faa.gov - IFR Enroute Charts
- VFR Charts
- USA (website from FAA) Free
skyvector.com - IFR Enroute Charts
- Airport information
- VFR Charts
- Route Planner
- NOTAMs (only USA)
- Approach Charts (only USA)
- Airport Charts (only USA)
- Canada / Bahamas (limited)
navigraph.com/ - Airport/Terminal IFR Charts
- Interactive Enroute IFR Charts
- Also available as app (via App Store/Google Play)
- Worldwide (including USA/Canada/Bahamas) EUR 74.85 / year
airnav.com - Airport information
- Approach Charts
- Airport Charts
- Navaids / Fixes
- USA Free