Canada - Basics

Here is a list of some helpful documents and websites to help you learn more about flying and controlling in Canadadian airspace:

Document Description
IFR Phraseology Guide Detailed IFR Phreaseology Guide by NavCanada
VFR Phraseology Guide Detailed VFR Phreaseology Guide by NavCanada
Phraseology Guide IFR and VFR Phreaseology Guide for every ATC positions
Clearence Delivery Handbook Erverything about the Delevery position - for USA, Canada and Bahamas
Ground Handbook Erverything about the Ground position - for USA, Canada and Bahamas
Basics Basics (NavCanada)
Airport monitor Current real world runway configurations (+RWY Closures) of CYUL, CYYZ, CYYC and CYVR
Designated Airspace Handbook Document about every airspace in Canada