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Did you know you can fly between France and Canada in under an hour? No – this isn’t supersonic flight – this is New France and Newfoundland!

On the Northeast tip of North America lies one of the last vestiges of colonial France in North America – an archipelago of eight islands known as the Overseas Collectivity of St. Pierre and Miquelon (Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon). Once part of the vast colony of “New France”, which spanned from the swamps of Louisiana to the frozen Canadian north, St. Pierre and Miquelon are now one of five French overseas collectivities, and the only one on the North American continent.

Bordering the French islands to the north and east is the island of Newfoundland. The massive island has long been home to many indigenous populations, but was also an English colony in the 1600s and the site of much territorial conflict between England and France. The French, who called the island “Terre-Neuve”, eventually ceded control to the English, and today it forms part of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Newfoundland is famous for its rocky shorelines, the city of St. Johns and the town of Gander (home of the Gander ACC/OCC), and its people’s distinctive English accent (Newfoundland English).

Join us as we celebrate the shared history and heritage of New France and Newfoundland by flying between St. Pierre (LFVP)/Miquelon (LFVM) and St. John’s (CYYT).



Date:                Sunday, October 1st, 2023
Hour:                18:00z-21:00z
Event Type:    Bidirectional Airbridge (with booking system)


  • St. Pierre (LFVP) and Miquelon (LFVM)
  • St. John’s (CYYT)



  • Due to parking constraints, ALL PILOTS MUST BOOK AND FLY A FLIGHT FROM THE BOOKING SYSTEM. The system will be available for booking starting Tuesday, September 19th at 19z.
  • To be eligible for the award points, you must book and fly at least one flight, use the assigned parking spaces, adhere to departure time, and fly the correct aircraft type.
  • Be prepared – Make sure to have the latest charts (links below) and understand the procedures you will be flying.
  • Be ready – You may be asked to enter holds, fly headings, comply with speed restrictions, etc.
  • Keep radio communications short and avoid unnecessary transmissions.


  • XA division members (AS3 or higher) and active GCA holders are encouraged to request an ATC position on the ATC Sign-Up Sheet. Assigned controllers will be messaged on the XA discord server at least 24 hours before the event.
  • FR division members and active GCA holders must file this form to control during this event.




  • St. John’s (CYYT) : FREE CHARTS available on FltPlan (sign-up required)
  • St. Pierre (LFVP) and Miquelon (LFVM) : SIA website






All ATC and Pilots who participate are eligible for points towards the following awards:

    Divisional ATC Events Award
    Divisional Pilot Events Award

File for your points here:


Comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to email us!

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